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Used Trailer with DEKRA Test Seal

Trailers, which meet our strict quality standards, have earned the label Trailerplus and therefore give you the quality and investment security, you can expect from the Used Trailer division of Schmitz Cargobull.

Our service package for your success:

DEKRA test seal for used trailers
Before a trailer is delivered as Trailerplus vehicle, it has to pass a quality check by the independent inspection company DEKRA during which body, technical parts and chassis are checked thoroughly. The DEKRA seal for used trailers stands for the first class condition of the vehicle.

Even the best trailer can break down. For the first 12 months after contract conclusion you will receive a free of charge break-down-coverage. In case of a breakdown of your vehicle you will receive immediate help through the Cargobull Euroservice.

Service of this package includes:

  • Costs of labour
  • Complete material costs within the damage on the trailer
  • Inclusion of commuting expenses
  • Guarantee of payment

24 months contract period

6 months warranty
Thorough check for our Trailerplus program alone is not enough. In case of unpredictable damage, the Schmitz Cargobull Trailer Store liability for six months protects you from financial risks. Therefore you'll stay with our used trailers in the safe lane.

Trade-in Guaranteed with the Purchase of a New Vehicle

In case of change of your transport assignments and therefore need for a different vehicle specification, we are trading in your used vehicle for a fair market price and deduct the amount to the purchase price of the new vehicle.

10 days right of return
We grant you a right of return in between 10 days after purchase in case the trailer is not meeting your expectations. That means for you just the one time processing fee of € 250. Possible transfer fees for financing or costs for lettering and its neutralization have to be settled by you.

Attention: Return of vehicle is ruled out in case vehicle damage or loss of value after purchase.

SCB driver’s kit
Within the delivery you will receive a special driver’s kit so that you are well equipped for your next tour.

Schmitz Cargobull - Benne aluminium
Schmitz Cargobull - Benne aluminium
2019 , Schmitz Cargobull
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Schmitz Cargobull - Caisse frigorifique/isotherme Frigo standard
Schmitz Cargobull - Caisse frigorifique/isotherme Frigo standard
2017 , Schmitz Cargobull
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